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2011/2/21 Francesco Chicchiriccò <>

> On 21/feb/2011, at 15.25, Simone Tripodi wrote:
> > Hi all,
> > Francesco's nomination has been accepted. He got 7 positive votes and
> > no negative one. Congratulations Francesco and welcome!
> > Francesco, it's a good tradition here to introduce yourself.
> My name is Francesco Chicchiriccò, and my surname has been a tricky
> challenge since I was born in 1977, every time that I had to get in touch
> with any public office; the advent of Internet made things even more
> cumbersome, despite of Unicode effort :-)
> Linux addict since 1997, I am Italian (and proud to be), married with a
> lovely wife called Cinzia, father of a wonderful boy called Davide. Since I
> was a child I've always loved comics and music, playing bass guitar in a few
> metal rock bands with some friends.
> About Computer Science, I got a master degree in 2001 in L'Aquila, after
> six months spent at Nokia Research Center in Heksinki.

"There are many plans in the Human heart, But
 is the Lord's Purpose that prevails"

"Existem Muitos planos e desejos no coração Humano, MAS
são os Propósitos do Senhor que prevalecem"

  []'s Dani:-)

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