Given that the long term goals of commons-math are fairly uncertain, I would 
like to attempt working with some short term goals. The hope here is to think 
about questions along the lines of: "what can be done today/this week/this 
month,” with the goal aiming at chipping away at what I’ll call, for lack of a 
better term, technical debt. I have a couple of thoughts and am curious to see 
what folks generally think here. Here are some ideas that immediately come to 

Items achievable in a few hours:
Move to the develop branch to the master branch.
Get travis-ci/coveralls working for pull requests.

Items achievable in a few days:
Deprecation of the packages that duplicate functionality with commons-rng.
Obvious bug fixes.

Items achievable in a month(s) or so.
A release 3.6.2 with the deprecation of the overlap with commons-rng.
Some solidifying of the more base level functionality such that we might be 
able to rely upon commons-math as the core of the mathematical functionality 
for commons generally (if we do indeed intend to have modularized mathematical 
commons functionality).

All that said, these are just thoughts, and I’m completely open ended on 
direction here but want to avoid letting the project sit latent for too long. I 
was just thinking that with so much uncertainty for the project, it might be 
better to just be intentionally short sighted with the hopes of gaining some 
momentum and let natural evolution begin to take place. What do you guys think?


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