Hi Rob,

Rob Tompkins wrote:

> Hello,
> Given that the long term goals of commons-math are fairly uncertain, I
> would like to attempt working with some short term goals. The hope here is
> to think about questions along the lines of: "what can be done today/this
> week/this month,” with the goal aiming at chipping away at what I’ll call,
> for lack of a better term, technical debt. I have a couple of thoughts and
> am curious to see what folks generally think here. Here are some ideas
> that immediately come to mind:
> Items achievable in a few hours:
> Move to the develop branch to the master branch.
> Get travis-ci/coveralls working for pull requests.
> Items achievable in a few days:
> Deprecation of the packages that duplicate functionality with commons-rng.

+1 ... normally. However, IIRC correctly, Gilles once said that all the RNG 
stuff was never part of a release. In that case this code can be simply 

> Obvious bug fixes.
> Items achievable in a month(s) or so.
> A release 3.6.2 with the deprecation of the overlap with commons-rng.
> Some solidifying of the more base level functionality such that we might
> be able to rely upon commons-math as the core of the mathematical
> functionality for commons generally (if we do indeed intend to have
> modularized mathematical commons functionality).
> All that said, these are just thoughts, and I’m completely open ended on
> direction here but want to avoid letting the project sit latent for too
> long. I was just thinking that with so much uncertainty for the project,
> it might be better to just be intentionally short sighted with the hopes
> of gaining some momentum and let natural evolution begin to take place.
> What do you guys think?

Fine. Thanks for taking responsibility.


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