Hi Bernd.

On Fri, 13 Jan 2017 16:43:32 +0200, Bernd Porr wrote:
Ooops. Sorry. Didn't see that e-mail.

And, re specifying the "Subject:" line, I had the time to forget that
we already agreed on changing the name of the prospective component. ;-)

I'm away to Greece at the
moment but I'll have a try re write access at the weekend. I agree
that it would be much quicker if I could commit to the sandbox
straight away.

I've just had a quick look at two randomly selected Java files from
your repository:

Though I didn't delve into the details, there seems to be a general
remark for increasing the robustness with purely systematic changes:
that would be to make classes immutable, wherever possible.[1]

Are there some considerations (pertaining to the concepts implemented)
that would prevent such modifications?
If not, would you be willing to perform those changes?


[1] That would sometimes entail change to the design (e.g. using the
    "fluent API" paradigm rather than "setters").
    See e.g.:


On 13/01/17 10:51, Eric Barnhill wrote:
That was where we left it. I asked Bernd if he did not have write access to
the sandbox. If there was a reply to that I didn't see it.

This would be the key thing to sort out. Can Bernd write to the sandbox or is it committers only? If it is only committers, I am happily to push Bernd's contributions I just need to know what the procedure is going to


On Fri, Jan 13, 2017 at 9:12 AM, Bernd Porr <m...@berndporr.me.uk> wrote:

Hi Gilles,

I *think* I suggested to add a couple of subdirs. One of them with my IIR filter code and another one for the Kalman filter in it. However, I don't
have write access to it so I think Eric is planning of doing it.


On 13/01/17 01:33, Gilles wrote:


As of today (revision 1778484), the SVN repository
is empty. :(

What is the status/roadmap?


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