Disclaimer:  I am not certain of the proper nomenclature to use here so
when I say module consider that it may be a sub-project or project under
commons.  The term should be taken to mean a collection of the things under

I would like to propose a commons module for the development and
documentation of algorithms.  As anyone who has tried can attest, writing
specifications that are not misunderstood is nigh on impossible.  This
module would provide an area to discuss various algorithms and work out
code examples in various languages for implementation.

For example: Bloom Filters.  When creating a bloom filter you take the
modulus of a digest to determine which bit in a bit vector to turn on.  But
the modulus of a negative number is negative.  So is it proper to take the
absolute value (abs)  of the modulus or the digest or are you required to
consider the digest to be a very long unsigned integer?  All of these
choices have repercussions and may impact interoperability.

I have several co-workers and friends that are interested in exploring
algorithms of this sort.  Is there any interest here in starting such
discussions?  If so how does one go about it?

I would like to see a ticketing system (Jira?) that discussions could be
conducted against.  So, for example, a single ticket for bloom filter
implementation.  The ticket would stay open until consensus was achieved.
Once achieved the result would be documented and references to the
discussion provided.

Not clear on where to document the results and whether or not that
documentation would include code.


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