Hi Shane

Thanks for the response. It's probably better if I put you in contact with
my contact in the WiBD group as she would be able to answer your queries.

I will forward the details to the trademarks list.

On 12 Oct 2016 02:42, "Shane Curcuru" <a...@shanecurcuru.org> wrote:

> (Note mixed private/public lists)
> Sharan, can you be more specific as to what this event is and where
> you're requesting use of the logo?
> The issue is that using the ASF's feather logo as part of the primary
> branding gives the impression that this is an official Apache event.
> While it's great when Apache committers can speak at events, that
> doesn't mean they're speaking on behalf of the ASF as a whole.
> My quick take without understanding more is that this is not OK.  It's
> fine for an "About this speaker" page on a normal conference site to
> mention that someone's an Apache committer on project X and include the
> project logo, because that's about the person.
> But allowing a single vendor to use the Apache feather to promote their
> event overall... not usually a good idea.
> - Shane
> Melissa Warnkin wrote on 10/6/16 6:32 PM:
> ...
> > Hi Everyone
> >
> > The Women in Big Data (WiBD) presentation session has been arranged and
> > committer Kathy Saunders will be presenting it. I think they also
> > mentioned some other committers will be participating.
> >
> > They are now looking at promoting the talk and are requesting permission
> > to use the ASF logo for their publicity. The session is going to be
> > called 'An Evening with the Apache Software Foundation: The Benefits of
> > Being Open’  Hosted by Hortonworks
> >
> > Will it be OK for them for use the ASF logo to promote this talk and put
> > on their publicity?
> >
> > Thanks
> > Sharan
> >

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