My preferred approach is option 1. If you document the role of "committee" as 
"someone who is committed to the project" then this works well.

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From: A. Soroka <>
Sent: Thursday, October 13, 2016 6:50:50 AM
Subject: recognizing valuable non-code contributions

Hello, community-builders!

I (ajs6f) am writing from Apache Jena. We've been tossing around a question 
that would certainly benefit from the wisdom and experience on this list. We 
have inside the community around Jena persons who have done really good work 
for the project in such ways as answering questions, providing helpful 
examples, suggesting useful improvements and documentation, and so forth, but 
who have not made code contributions. We'd very much like to recognize and 
reward these people for their excellent efforts, but the particular role of 
"committer" doesn't seem obviously appropriate to all of us. We were wondering 
how other projects have dealt with similar circumstances. We've come up with a 
couple of possibilities:

1) Just elect these folks as committers with the understanding that anyone 
responsible enough to be at the heart of the community will presumably not do 
anything rash with committer privileges, and anyway, version control is there 
for a reason.

2) Create some kind of new non-committer role within the project  (e.g. 
"Community Expert") for these folks that might provide some privileges (e.g. 
special rights/permissions in Jira or to the documentation base) without full 
committer rights to the code base.

3) Elect these people to membership in the PMC _without_ electing them 
committers. We're not totally sure whether this is actually possible within the 
Apache framework, so one question of fact we have is whether this is in fact a 

Any thoughts, advice, experience very welcome!

A. Soroka ; Apache Jena

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