As you may have seen on members@ (those of you who are members) I'd like to do a series of New Member Orientation sessions (probably video, to be posted to the ASF YouTube channel, where we cover things like:

* What are the rights and responsibilities of a Member?
* How are members selected/elected?
* What does the Board do?

stuff like that.

Based on my experience with producing this kind of content elsewhere, I would suggest that we do one topic per video, rather than trying to do a comprehensive everything video. This would be supplementary content to go with

and will perhaps make that content more accessible to people that are currently not seeing what has been written, or prefer content in a different format than the current text.

I am very aware that not everyone on this list is a member. However, I believe this content will be valuable both as internal and external resources, to educate the world as to how we operate, while increasing internal knowledge.

A number of people have indicated, on the members list, that this is a good and useful thing to do. Now we have to actually do it.

Here's what I see as the way forward:

* Clearly identify the topics to cover. The three above are, I think, a great place to start. * Identify who can speak to each one of these and what format we want to do. I am ready and available to do this in interview style, if desired. I do this as part of my day job. Or we can do a round-table discussion type thing, if we wanted to have a few people doing it. Or I can just start making videos and people can yell at me when I get something wrong. :-)
* Schedule the recordings.

This is also something that we can do on-site at ApacheCon or other events where 2 or more of us are gathered. I *always* have my video gear with me.

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