Hi Mohit,

What I would recommend is that you take a look at
This page is listing all Apache projects. It is probably the best that you
filter on a category
and/or specific programming language to find a project that you like to get
started with.
After you found yourself a project which you like to contribute to, you
will need to get in
touch with the project's community. You can do so by subscribing to the
project's mailing
list and asking them if there is a roadmap available to see which new
features they want to
implement. You can also start contributing to the project by submitting
small patches
to resolve any bugs. Issues for the project can be found on the GitHub
issues page or
in one of the issue trackers: https://issues.apache.org/

Please contact me, or this mailing list, if you have any questions at all.

To subscribe to this list, send an email to
dev-subscr...@community.apache.org and that will let you see responses
that go to the list, instead of to you directly.


2018-04-07 9:04 GMT+01:00 mohit patni <mohitpatni0...@gmail.com>:

> I am high school student I am expert in HTML , CSS ,C++ and Java.
> Please suggest any projects for me.
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