On 3/26/18 8:09 AM, Isabel Drost-Fromm wrote:
> Hi,
> a couple weeks ago I was invited to give a talk on the Apache Way at
> Dataworks Summit here in Berlin mid-April.
> I would love to get a second pair of eyes check the stuff I've put together
> so I didn't include any non-sense nor forgot anything vital.
> In line with Yonik's law of patches posting links to the early draft of the
> slide deck here:
> https://drive.google.com/file/d/1e-ZcdMftdaf3j55WKAEWkWEbl0Z9UQBn/view?usp=sharing
>  (google docs fails to display this correctly)
> https://drive.google.com/file/d/15lbcRt1v7vAW0eLEjYCddRFmL1A59bph/view?usp=sharing
> (pdf)
> For some of the content, I have asked for permission to use it but not
> received feedback (asked like two minutes ago). Some of the content is
> still missing. I'll likely need to scratch some of the content to stay
> withing the allocated 40min.
> Make sure to check the notes in addition to the slides - otherwise for the
> most part you'll end up seeing pretty pictures but guessing about the
> intention ;)

Did you mean to share the googlodoc itself?  That would show the
notes, IIRC the way that works. [1]

Based on the pdf, this looks great to me, though I suspect its going
to come down to what you actually say in the "how it works" parts.

I have three general comments, which you would probably cover.

 1. Something did not sit quite right with me saying "retain users"
    all the time.  What is important is to engage them and turn them
    into contributors.  You say that later, but I think a mistake
    some OSS projects make is focusing too much on making their
    project "popular" and not enough about making it interesting.
 2. I like the Yonik quote.  It reminds me of something Stefano
    Mazocchi said years ago about code bases showing up in the
    Incubator.  He said if you imagine an 2-dimensional grid with
    quality of code on one axis and quality of ideas on another, the
    quadrant where you find the best stuff is good ideas and bad
    code.  Good ideas expressed in obviously lacking code are like
    great fuel.
 3. When you talk about helping getting people started, a good key
    point to make is how important it is to make it easy for people
    to get involved and get started.  You mention making tasks
    visible, etc and of course transparency, but little things like
    making it easy to build the software are important too.  It's no
    accident that Ant and Maven were born at Apache.


[1] I was able to work collaboratively with Sally on a presentation
I gave last year using Googledocs and it worked OK.   You may find
some of the content useful.  It is here:
A few years back, I had more fun just using beamer / Latex with
sources in github.  That was a technical talk and there was no fancy
layout stuff; but it was really nice to just take PRs on the preso. 
The sources are here:
> Thanks,
> Isabel

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