Not a really an important one, but I would like to see my first PR to 
InAppBrowser merged, so I can switch the plugin in our project back to 
a released version.

I added an option to the InAppBrowser


Quoting julio cesar sanchez <>:

> I have this one removing navigator.notification from vibration plugin as it
> has been deprecated for a long time and even removed from the docs
> So it might require minor or major version bump?
> Also, related issue, on Android, vibration plugin uses the browser
> implementation, but looks like Google doesn't allow to vibrate without user
> interaction first, so we should document it or go back to the native
> implementation.
> If going back to the native implementation, then we should do it for this
> release, if just documenting, probably can wait.
> And I have this one for InAppBrowser plugin, was going to merge it but
> travis is failing on one of the Android tests
> 2018-04-09 19:52 GMT+02:00 Steven Gill <>:
>> Going to aim to do a plugins release this Wed, April 11th. Let me know if
>> there are any important PRs I should look at before than.

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