hey folks,

I've been busy lately -- turns out 3 kids, some ongoing health troubles, and a 
job has left me with less time than I'd hoped for, but I still hope to keep my 
spot on the Couch warm, so to speak.

As I can squeeze in only a handful of hours a week these days, I'm planning to 
prod things on github where I can help things along, get the 2.x release into 
FreeBSD ports, and I'd said I can handle the IP clearance for the proposed 
bcrypt PR assuming we're good with adding another NIF there. If anybody's 
already progressing that, or wants to work with me, please speak up. Progress 
will be slow, but there will be progress.... eventually.

I'll re-read our committer-related docs to refresh my memory, but don't 
hesitate to remind me if I err in my functional() ways. I'm on IRC during EU 
daytime pretty much always, dch in #couchdb as usual.

A+, Dave
  Dave Cottlehuber
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