Hey Dave,

fantastic to hear from you. Obviously my input has fallen to a minimum 
unfortunately - but my heart is still at CouchDB. So it’s so good to hear, that 
you are back.

As a quick reminder: I would love to welcome you and other folks at this Meetup 
in Hamburg:


All the best


Andy Wenk
Hamburg - Germany

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> On 19. Feb 2018, at 20:32, Dave Cottlehuber <d...@apache.org> wrote:
> hey folks,
> I've been busy lately -- turns out 3 kids, some ongoing health troubles, and 
> a job has left me with less time than I'd hoped for, but I still hope to keep 
> my spot on the Couch warm, so to speak.
> As I can squeeze in only a handful of hours a week these days, I'm planning 
> to prod things on github where I can help things along, get the 2.x release 
> into FreeBSD ports, and I'd said I can handle the IP clearance for the 
> proposed bcrypt PR assuming we're good with adding another NIF there. If 
> anybody's already progressing that, or wants to work with me, please speak 
> up. Progress will be slow, but there will be progress.... eventually.
> I'll re-read our committer-related docs to refresh my memory, but don't 
> hesitate to remind me if I err in my functional() ways. I'm on IRC during EU 
> daytime pretty much always, dch in #couchdb as usual.
> A+, Dave
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