I think you are missing a 3rd option:

Basically option 1) but we merge the pull request on github and push the changes to the apache git. So no need to delete the PRs. However we have to be careful to only commit changes to github to not get the histories out of sync.


 On Wed, 14 Feb 2018 13:58:58 +0100
 Patrick Stuedi <pstu...@gmail.com> wrote:
Hi all,

If the github repo is synced with git repo only in one direction, then
what is the recommended way to handle new code contributions
(including code reviews)? We see two options here:

1) Code contributions are issued as PRs on the Crail Apache github
(and reviewed there), then merged outside in a private repo and
committed back to the Apache git repo (the PR may need to be deleted
once the commit has happened), from where the Apache Crail github repo
will again pick it up (sync).
2) We don't use the git repo at all, only the github repo. PRs are
reviewed and merged directly at the github level.

Option (1) looks complicated, option (2) might not be according to the
Apache policies (?). What is the recommended way?


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On Feb 12, 2018, at 08:03, Jonas Pfefferle <peppe...@japf.ch> wrote:

Hi @all,

Is the Apache Crail github repository synced both ways with the Apache Crail git? I.e. can we merge pull request in github?


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