Hi Amal,

If I am right, the grouping of related information together is not yet 
available in cTAKES out of the box.

Also to generate output in a structured format, you can make use of HTMLWriter. 
For more detailed info on this, you can check out Sean’s response for “Output 
formats - CPE - cTAKES - Persist in 
 thread under  


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Subject: RE: Query on ctakes [EXTERNAL]

Hi Sean,

Please find the attachment of input and output text of ctakes.

From the ctakes output we can't identify which one is drug, disease, labtest 
(for example : tocilizumab is a drug, but the output text may not specify what 
is it?)

Also, is there a way where we can group related information together? (e.g:- 
For each drug, identify the dosage/ root of administration/dosage strength/ 
Dosage Frequency etc?)

How can we generate above expected output in a structured format? (HTML/JSON 

Thanks & Regards

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Subject: Re: Query on ctakes [EXTERNAL]
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Hi Amal,

Could you please provide a full example sentence with expected vs. produced 
output? ctakes isn't perfect but something like "fever" should be tagged.

From: ama...@acolade.co.in<mailto:ama...@acolade.co.in> 
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Subject: Query on ctakes [EXTERNAL]

Hello, Am a newbie to cTakes.
So far I am able to complete user installation and able to generate the 
processed output.
I am finding the extracted data NOT getting tagged with relevant 
concepts(contexts) like Drugs, Disease. Lab results etc...which is a real 
Would appreciate if somebody could help me to achieve tagging of the extracted 
(e:g:- Fever to be tagged as Problem/Disease and abdominopelvic CT as Test(lab 

Thanks & Regards
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