@Sergey: java 8 or 9? - guess it was a 9 right? Anyway we - as asf - own G
so if needed, dont hesitate to ping ;).

Very happy to see 3.2 coming and Meecrowave would be interested to upgrade
asap. Only "?" I have is if dependencies will not grow too much -
atmosphere for instance - but sure we can tackle it iteratively.

Le 11 août 2017 00:02, "Sergey Beryozkin" <sberyoz...@gmail.com> a écrit :

We can get it for 3.2.1 for ex, swagger-core + swagger-jaxrs which
interacts with the new swagger-core would need to be available, so it is a
bit tight...


On 10/08/17 20:37, Dennis Kieselhorst wrote:

> Good plan. I'd like to see support for Swagger/ OpenAPI Spec 3.0.0 in
> CXF 3.2 but we should postpone it if no updated swagger-core library is
> available by Sept 1st.
> Regards
> Dennis

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