The last build is green, Sadly, there 
are no timestamps
in the console, but it seems like "Modules changed, recalculating dependency 
graph" phase takes some time. The previous
build ( stopped 
right there while the successful one
progressed futher:

Modules changed, recalculating dependency graph
Established TCP socket on 33305
maven32-agent.jar already up to date
maven32-interceptor.jar already up to date
maven3-interceptor-commons.jar already up to date

Overall it took ~2h 30m to complete, while for the master the typical time is 

Best Regards,
    Andriy Redko

JDA> I changed the inactivity check to 30 mins.  But is the build really silent 
for 3 minutes and that's not an issue?

JDA> John

JDA> On Sun, Apr 8, 2018 at 11:01 AM Andriy Redko <> wrote:

JDA> Thanks John, now the build fails with "Build timed out (after 3 minutes). 
Marking the build as aborted.", is it
JDA> possible to increase the inactivity timeout a bit? Thanks.

JDA>  Saturday, April 7, 2018, 8:09:24 PM, you wrote:

 JDA>> I just changed the job config similar to what I did for master, it'll 
time out from inactivity instead of the absolute timeout.

 JDA>> John

 JDA>> On Sat, Apr 7, 2018 at 7:49 PM Andriy Redko <> wrote:

 JDA>> I see "Build timed out (after 90 minutes). Marking the build as 
aborted." right before this error, let me try to schedule another one.

  AS>>> Hi,

  AS>>> Any ideas why the Jenkins build was failed?
  AS>>> Look like infrastructure issue for me:


  AS>>> Failed to extract 
/home/jenkins/jenkins-slave/workspace/CXF-3.1.x/rt/frontend/js/transfer of 2 
  AS>>>         at hudson.FilePath.readFromTar(
  AS>>>         at hudson.FilePath.copyRecursiveTo(
  AS>>>         at 
  AS>>>         at 
  AS>>>         at 
  AS>>>         at 
  AS>>>         at 
  AS>>>         at 
  AS>>>         at hudson.model.Run.execute(
  AS>>>         at
  AS>>>         at 
  AS>>>         at
  AS>>> Caused by: java.lang.InterruptedException

  AS>>> Regards,
  AS>>> Andrei.

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