Congrats guys!!! This is a major milestone in the project's lifecycle, 10 years 
(!!!), and there are
no signs it is going to stop any time soon!!! Kudos to every contributor and 
every community member!

Best Regards,
    Andriy Redko

DK> Hi,

DK> it's time to celebrate: 10 years ago, on April 16th in the year 2008,
DK> CXF graduated from the Apache incubator as a merge of the Objectweb
DK> Celtix project and the Codehaus XFire project (see
DK> for more details).

DK> Today we have lots of more features, support for additional
DK> specifications and a large user base.

DK> Thanks to anyone who made this possible and looking forward to another
DK> 10 years :-)

DK> Cheers
DK> Dennis

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