What do we have available that can be created for each build including 
snapshots that can be used as a unique ID for the daffodil "version".

I know we have the md5 and signature keys, but those aren't generated for every 
build. I'm looking for something that could be created unique for every build, 
even on eclipse.

The reason I ask is that I'd like a way to organize pre-compiled binary files 
of schemas. If we conservatively assume that every build of daffodil 
potentially results in incompatible binaries, then this unique ID could be used 
to organize pre-compiled binaries and verify that they are compatible before 
loading them.

E.g.,  if I have schema foo/001/myschema.dfdl.xsd

I could compile a binary into


I could look for this file, only recompile if it doesn't exist or the modify 
timestamp on the myschema.dfdl.xsd is newer.

Developers could just disable this if their changes are in fact affecting the 
binaries, or they could just set some option to force a constant like 0 as the 

So this wouldn't be problematic for development. It would be a big win for 

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