During the birds-of-a-feather session titled "OpenJDK Security Group: 
Discussion and Q&A" on Tuesday night, there were relatively detailed 
discussions of what changes (plus and minus) might be made in OpenJDK 9 and 10. 
 Once the module system (Jigsaw) is in place, there are also plans to eliminate 
many of the restricted Sun classes and to hide others.

Those of us who have been careful not to use these restricted classes, we've 
often recreated the code (in some facsimile).  Part of the discussion also 
focused on which classes would be useful to the community if they were made 
public.  Since there is Kerberos protocol code in the Kerberos implementation 
of the LoginContext and LDAP protocol code underlying JNDI connections to LDAP, 
these are potential candidates.

The OpenJDK security group asked us to provide a list of what classes (or 
packages of classes) might be useful to the community.  Here are some of the 
packages we discussed:

- GSSAPI Enhancements with more public methods (this is planned)
- SSLEngine (enhance and make more methods public)
- ASN.1

So ... what other categories of classes would be useful?  The Apache Directory 
project obviously maintains code that performs the same functions - wouldn't it 
be nice if the JDK itself took over some of the low-level protocol code 
(especially where it already exists).  If we collect a list in this email 
thread I'd be happy to pass it along.


“Object-oriented programming is an exceptionally bad idea which could only have 
originated in California.” – Edsger Dijkstra

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