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>Subject: RE: [dpdk-dev] [PATCH] compressdev: add feature flag to specify where 
>processing is done

>> > >> I just did a survey of DPDK an 1/3 of it is never used by any open
>> > >> source project.  Hate to see more dead code and special cases created.
>> > >>
>> > >> At least, some example code in examples would help. Something like
>> > >> a simple in memory compressed storage server using a network API
>> > >> (SMB?/SSH?/FTP?)
>> > >[Fiona] There is no compressdev sample app yet.
>> > >However I've double-checked with the SPDK team, they're currently
>> > >integrating compressdev and intend to push a patch to SPDK - a storage
>> open-source project - using this flag.
>> > [Shally] Am seeing some of our HW based PMD also leveraging this
>> > choice. So I would say to make it generic feature flag instead of SW 
>> > specific.
>>  [Fiona] I can do but would like to understand this better first.
>> My understanding of HW offload is that the enqueue is just packaging up
>> the op and sending to the HW.
>> And the dequeue is just collecting the result from the HW and passing back
>> to the op.
>> The work is done by the HW accelerator, in between those 2 API calls, not
>> using any CPU cycles.
>> So what would it mean for HW to set OP_DONE_IN_DEQUEUE?
>Any comments on this? I agree with Fiona that this flag makes sense on SW only,
>but it seems that you have another use case.
I am waiting for feedback on this internally. Will revert on this as I get more 

>> > Thanks
>> > Shally

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