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>Subject: RE: [dpdk-dev] [PATCH] compressdev: add feature flag to specify where 
>processing is done
>Hi Shally,
>> So, would like to understand it bit more on how flag would help app to tune 
>> itself as per current given
>> description?
>> For example, if PMD says, It does actual processing in dequeue, then how it 
>> will impact app design for
>> better performance?
>[Fiona] One example: It could enqueue a large burst, say 32 ops. Then if it 
>tried to dequeue 32 ops that
>could be a very long blocking call. So instead it could choose to dequeue 8 at 
>a time.
>Vice versa if work done in enqueue.
Ok. I get it. For now I would suggest to keep it as per original description 
i.e.  Read only capability flag which app can read tune itself. This will help 
current octeontx compression PMD as well. We will revisit on its description 
based on requirement.


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