In order to support the non-blocking ring[1], one ABI change and one API
change are required in librte_ring. This commit updates the deprecation
notice to pave the way for their inclusion in 19.05.


Signed-off-by: Gage Eads <>
 doc/guides/rel_notes/deprecation.rst | 11 +++++++++++
 1 file changed, 11 insertions(+)

diff --git a/doc/guides/rel_notes/deprecation.rst 
index d4aea4b46..d74cff467 100644
--- a/doc/guides/rel_notes/deprecation.rst
+++ b/doc/guides/rel_notes/deprecation.rst
@@ -83,3 +83,14 @@ Deprecation Notices
   - The size and layout of ``rte_cryptodev_qp_conf`` and syntax of
     ``rte_cryptodev_queue_pair_setup`` will change to to allow to use
     two different mempools for crypto and device private sessions.
+* ring: two changes are planned for rte_ring in v19.05:
+  - The ring head and tail values are planned to be changed from ``uint32_t``
+    to ``size_t``. This reduces the likelihood of wrap-around to effectively
+    zero for 64-bit builds, which is important in avoiding the ABA problem in
+    the upcoming non-blocking ring implementation. (32-bit builds are
+    unaffected by this change.)
+  - rte_ring_get_memsize() will get a new ``flags`` parameter, so it can
+    calculate the memory required for rings that require more than 8B per entry
+    (such as the upcoming non-blocking ring).

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