On Wed, Jul 01, 2020 at 09:56:13AM +0200, Thomas Monjalon wrote:
> 30/06/2020 16:14, Bruce Richardson:
> > Add the --as-needed linker flag to the DPDK library list in the pkg-config
> > file so as to prevent overlinking. Without this flag, when linking
> > statically using flags from $(pkg-config --static --libs libdpdk), all DPDK
> > drivers and libs were statically linked in, but the binary was also
> > requiring all the shared versions be present to run.
> > 
> > The real root-cause of this issue is that the DPDK libraries need to be
> > duplicated in the linker command when doing static linking, due to the
> > behaviour of pkg-config, but since that behaviour cannot be easily changed,
> > this is a simple workaround to avoid problems.
> It deserves to give a more detailed explanation here.
It's already explained in commit log for patch 5 and in the code comments
added in patch 5 also, so I didn't think it was necessary again. However
can add in a V4, if needed.


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