30/06/2020 16:14, Bruce Richardson:
> This set fixes a number of minor issues with static builds when using
> meson, both for linking apps/examples as part of a meson build itself or
> when using pkg-config subsequently.
> Following this patchset, all DPDK static builds should be linking with
> --whole-archive to ensure all lib and driver constructors are included,
> and the use of pkg-config for doing static builds is simplified. The
> downside is that for correctness we need two .pc files for DPDK rather
> than just one.
> v3: rebased to latest on main branch
> v2: improved log messages for a number of patches, and clearly marked
>     internal-only pkg-config file as such
> Bruce Richardson (7):
>   build: always link-whole DPDK static libraries
>   build: remove unnecessary variable
>   devtools/test-meson-builds.sh: add pkg-config static builds
>   build: move pkg-config creation to separate file
>   build/pkg-config: output driver libs first for static build
>   build/pkg-config: improve static linking flags
>   build/pkg-config: prevent overlinking

Applied with changes discussed in the thread, thanks

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