On 5/21/2024 5:23 AM, Patrick Robb wrote:
> On Mon, May 20, 2024 at 1:49 PM Ferruh Yigit <ferruh.yi...@amd.com> wrote:
>> @Patric, I assume test environment also doesn't have 'libbpf', version:
>> '>= 1.0' which we need to test this feature.
>> Is it possible to update test environment to justify this dependency?
> Hi, the libbpf version on our Ubuntu 22.04 container images is 0.5.0.
> I can check for our baremetal servers also, but I figure they will be
> the same.
> It sounds like the subsequent conversation is suggesting this upgrade
> is not viable anyhow, but to address the question in terms of
> Community Lab methodology, yes we are happy to modify our environments
> or images in any way if the community wants, but we try to run testing
> without upgrading the core packages the distro ships with. I.e. we
> would not run testing with CentOS 7 today, as it ships with gcc 4.8.5
> (not supported for DPDK), even though technically we could upgrade gcc
> to a new version and meet all the DPDK dependencies.
> But yes I see Stephen ran from a 24.04 VM and validated the build with
> the new libbpf.
> By the way, I was wondering recently whether it was appropriate to add
> an Ubuntu 24.04 environment to the Community Lab immediately, or if
> it's premature in some sense. I don't want to derail this thread with
> that question, but if anyone is interested in this coverage going
> online, please write to the CI mailing list saying so.

If we can have an Ubuntu 24.04 environment, this addresses the libbpf
testing concern.

@Christian can comment better, but as far as I can see although upgrade
from previous LTS is not supported yet, it is possible to install Ubuntu
24.04 from scratch.

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