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> Date: Sun, 4 Feb 2018 23:48:31 +0530
> From: Nikhil Rao <nikhil....@intel.com>
> To: dev@dpdk.org
> CC: nikhil....@intel.com, vipin.vargh...@intel.com,
>  deepak.k.j...@intel.com, jerin.ja...@caviumnetworks.com
> Subject: [PATCH v2] eventdev: fix unchecked return in default Rx adapter
>  conf cb
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> The default adapter configuration callback is invoked when a Rx
> queue is added to the adapter and the adapter detects that a SW
> service is needed. The adapter needs to re-configure the device
> with an additional port and to do do, it needs to stop the
> device and restart it after it is done reconfiguring it. This
> patch adds code to check the return code of
> rte_event_dev_start() for both when the reconfiguration fails
> and when it succeeds and introduces a new error code (-EIO)
> for the first case.
> Fixes: 9c38b704d280 ("eventdev: add eth Rx adapter implementation")
> Coverity issue: 257000
> Signed-off-by: Nikhil Rao <nikhil....@intel.com>

Cc: sta...@dpdk.org
Acked-by: Jerin Jacob <jerin.ja...@caviumnetworks.com>

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