Hi all,

There is a very common pattern with build failures in DPDK.
When compiling in 32-bit mode, there are some mismatches between
printf format "%lu" / "%lx" and the size of the data being 64-bit.
In 32-bit mode, a long is 32 bits long :)
That's why "%lx" must be replaced by "%" PRIx64.

        long     -> %lx
        uint64_t -> %PRIx64

Most of the times, using %l is wrong (except when printing a long).
So next time you write %l, please think "I am probably wrong".

For the existing codebase, please grep "%l".
There are probably some remaining wrong "%l" which are not detected
when compiling, because the code is in debug functions never enabled.
Note that debug code should be tested but there can be some forgotten
code paths.


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