I'm working on an SPDK module that uses the DPDK cryptodev framework, initially 
I'm using the AESNI PMD and have a few questions. in the doc it says that only 
in-place is supported however I see code in set_mb_job_params() just after the 
comment "Mutable crypto operation parameters" it appears to support a separate 
src and dst m_buf so curious about that.

For my use case (storage) I'm using external data buffers so I can't use that 
code anyways but I was able to make some minor changes and am able to pass in 
different src and dst m_bufs that point to my own data buffers (not in the 
packet) and it seems to be working fine.

So my 2 questions are:

(1) is the documented in-place limitation simply not correct?

(2) would there be any upstream interest in supporting a patch that enables 
m_bufs using external data buffers for src and dst?


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