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> Subject: [PATCH v5 0/3] Introduce Intel FPGA BUS
> Intel FPGA BUS in DPDK
> -------------------------
> This patch set introduces Intel FPGA BUS support in DPDK.
> v5 updates:
> ===========
>  - Fixed SHARED LIB Build issue
>  - Changed command name to IFPGA Rawdev name,
>    so remove pci library datastruct and function.
>  - Fixed PATCH v2/v3/v4 comments


Primary problems I see with your patches:
1. They are not split enough. Still the patch 2/3 is dependent on 3/3. That 
mean, it would break the compilation. There is no simpler way to solve this 
except breaking the patch into multiple patches and slowly introducing each 
 (One obvious way would be to have 3/3 as 2/3 and vice-versa - Not sure what 
that blocks).

2. Documentation - there is none right now. Being a special use case for PCI, I 
think a lot of people would benefit if you can explain the comments about why 
iFPGA bus is required through documentation.

3. Meson as requested by Bruce. Problem you will face is that rawdev doesn't 
yet have meson enabled. I will work on that. If you can still rework your 
patches for (1)+(2), I think meson enable over rawdev would be trivial.

Other issues being license plate in opae code not being SPDX. But, I will leave 
that you and maintainers to decice.

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