On 4/5/2018 3:42 PM, Alejandro Lucero wrote:
> NFP PMD PF support requires to access the NFP chip for initialization.
> Current NFP PMD PF support was added based on the NSPU interface. This
> implies to do initialization through the NSP, a embedded ARM processor
> which does initialization tasks on demand. The main problem with this
> approach is it requires to add support for new NSP commands each time
> a new functionality is required, which does not scale well and it is
> not really flexible.
> Using the new CPP user space interface, the PMD can do whatever could
> be done by the NSP, this is current commands and any new functionality
> required. This CPP interface allows to access any single chip component
> facilitating initialization, firmware uploading, firmware debugging or
> extended stats.
> The changes just change the PMD PF initialization and do not touch the
> datapath at all. No performance changes nor PMD functionalities are affected.
> The initial impact using the new CPP interface is the way firmware upload
> is handled, which helps the PMD detecting the card type and the firmware file
> to upload. Future commits will include extended stats and some sort of debug
> channel.
> The specific CPP code is contained in the first patch, which has not been
> splitted up because is completely internal to the NFP functionality. The
> second patch makes the PMD changes required for using the new interface.
> v2:
>  - removing unused reference to zlib.h
>  - fix build errors
>  - add SPDX tags in new files
>  - rebase changes nfp.rst
> Alejandro Lucero (4):
>   net/nfp: add NFP CPP support
>   net/nfp: update PMD for using new CPP interface
>   doc: update NFP guide
>   net/nfp: remove files

Series applied to dpdk-next-net/master, thanks.

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