Meeting notes for the DPDK technical board meeting
held on 2018-03-28 at 3pm UTC

        - Bruce Richardson
        - Ferruh Yigit
        - Hemant Agrawal
        - Jerin Jacob
        - Konstantin Ananyev
        - Olivier Matz
        - Thomas Monjalon

1/ Backup maintainers for some -next trees (net, crypto, event)

        - Harry Van Haaren as next-event tree backup maintainer.
        - Akhil Goyal as next-crypto tree backup maintainer.

2/ Extension of dpdk-next-crypto scope

The libraries and drivers for bbdev and compressdev will be managed
in dpdk-next-crypto, without renaming the tree.

3/ NFF-Go hosting

The techboard representative (Jerin) will ask the Governing Board
to open the umbrella for hosting NFF-Go on
Need to wait for final decision.

4/ Check progress of few changes:

        - memory rework
Waiting to fix performance regression on NXP.

        - offload API
Most of PMDs are patched or promised to be. Looks OK.

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