On 10-Apr-18 11:55 AM, Tosatti, Giovanni wrote:
This patch adds a " --restore" option that will unbind all devices currently 
bound to DPDK PMDs back to the kernel driver.

Hi Giovanni,

Nitpicking the commit message, but I believe "unbind" here is a bit of a misnomer - one does not "unbind to kernel driver", it's either "bind to kernel driver" or "bind to DPDK driver" :)

@@ -91,6 +91,9 @@
      -u, --unbind:
          Unbind a device (Equivalent to \"-b none\")
+ -r, --restore
+        Restore ALL the DPDK devices to their kernel drivers

Same here - perhaps for clarity this should be "For all devices bound to DPDK drivers, bind them to their kernel drivers".

          By default, devices which are used by Linux - as indicated by having
          routes in the routing table - cannot be modified. Using the --force
@@ -448,6 +451,21 @@
          if "Driver_str" in devices[d]:
              unbind_one(d, force)
+def restore_all_to_kernel():


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