Github user amansinha100 commented on a diff in the pull request:
    --- Diff: 
    @@ -197,4 +199,14 @@ public void emptyPartTest() throws Exception {
    +  @Test // DRILL-6089
    +  public void testJoinOrdering() throws Exception {
    +    final String query = "select * from dfs.`sample-data/nation.parquet` 
nation left outer join " +
    --- End diff --
    I missed this in the prior review but I think the ORDER BY should be on the 
column coming from the left input of the join (assuming that nation table is 
the left input).  The reason is the original code was using 'convertedLeft' to 
propagate the collation trait from the Probe (left) side, so the test should 
match that scenario. Another thing is the you don't necessarily need the 
subquery.. you could  do  `select * from  nation.parquet nation  left outer 
join region.parquet region on ... order by nation.n_name desc`. 


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