paul-rogers commented on a change in pull request #1843: DRILL-7350: Move 
RowSet related classes from test folder

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 @@ -32,6 +32,22 @@
  * batch" or "record batch." (But, in Drill, the term "record batch" also
  * usually means an operator on that set of records. Here, a row set is
  * just the rows &nash; separate from operations on that data.</dd>
+ * <dt>SingleRowSet (abstract)</dt>
+ * <dd>Represents a row set that contains a single record batch (the typical
+ * case.</dd>
+ * <dt>DirectRowSet</dt>
+ * <dd>A read-only single row set without a selection vector.</dd>
+ * <dt>IndirectRowSet</dt>
+ * <dd>A read-only, single row set with an SV2. Note that the SV2 itself is
+ * writable (such as for sorting.)</dd>
+ * <dt>ExtendableRowSet</dt>
+ * <dd>A write-only, single row set used to create a new row set. Because of
+ * the way Drill sets row counts, an extendable row set cannot be read; instead
+ * at the completion of the write the extendable row set becomes a direct or
+ * indirect row set.</dd>
+ * <dt>HyperRowSet</dt>
+ * <dd>A read-only row set made up of a collection of record batches, indexed 
via an
+ * SV4. As with the SV2, the SV4 itself is writable.</dt>
 Review comment:
   The SV is not writable within a RowSet. Changing the SV will mess up 
   The way to use that is to have a DirectRowSet on the original batch. Create 
the SV. Then, use the DirectRowSet and the SV to create an indirect row set.

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