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+date: 2020-01-13
+Starting from Drill 1.17, you can store table metadata (including schema and 
computed statistics) into Drill Metastore.
+This metadata will be used when querying a table for more optimal plan 
+{% include startnote.html %}In Drill 1.17, this feature is supported for 
Parquet tables only and is disabled by default.{% include endnote.html %}
+To enable Drill Metastore usage, the following option `metastore.enabled` 
should be set to `true`, as shown:
+       SET `metastore.enabled` = true;
+Alternatively, you can enable the option in the Drill Web UI at 
+## Syntax
+The ANALYZE TABLE REFRESH METADATA statement supports the following syntax:
+       ANALYZE TABLE [table_name] [COLUMNS {(col1, col2, ...) | NONE}]
+       REFRESH METADATA ['level' LEVEL]
+       [{COMPUTE | ESTIMATE} | STATISTICS [(column1, column2, ...)]
+       [ SAMPLE number PERCENT ]]
+## Parameters
+The name of the table or directory for which Drill will collect table 
metadata. If the table does not exist, or the table
+ is temporary, the command fails and metadata is not collected and stored.
+*COLUMNS (col1, col2, ...)*
+Optional names of the column(s) for which Drill will generate and store 
metadata. the Stored schema will include all table columns.
+Specifies to ignore collecting and storing metadata for all table columns.
+Optional varchar literal which specifies maximum level depth for collecting 
+Possible values: `TABLE`, `SEGMENT`, `PARTITION`, `FILE`, `ROW_GROUP`, `ALL`. 
Default is `ALL`.
+Generates statistics for the table to be stored into the Metastore.
+If statistics usage is disabled (`planner.enable_statistics` is set to 
`false`), an error will be thrown when this clause is specified.
+Generates estimated statistics for the table to be stored into the Metastore. 
Currently is not supported.
+*(column1, column2, ...)*
+The name of the column(s) for which Drill will generate statistics.
+Optional. Indicates that compute statistics should run on a subset of the data.
+*number PERCENT*  
+An integer that specifies the percentage of data on which to compute 
statistics. For example, if a table has 100 rows, `SAMPLE 50 PERCENT` indicates 
that statistics should be computed on 50 rows. The optimizer selects the rows 
at random. 
+## Related Options
+- **metastore.enabled**
+Enables Drill Metastore usage to be able to store table metadata during 
ANALYZE TABLE commands execution and to be able
+ to read table metadata during regular queries execution or when querying some 
INFORMATION_SCHEMA tables. Default is `false`.
+- ****
+Specifies maximum level depth for collecting metadata. Default is `'ALL'`.
+- **metastore.retrieval.retry_attempts**
+Specifies the number of attempts for retrying query planning after detecting 
that query metadata is changed.
+If the number of retries was exceeded, query will be planned without metadata 
information from the Metastore. Default is 5.
+- **metastore.metadata.fallback_to_file_metadata**
+Allows using file metadata cache for the case when required metadata is absent 
in the Metastore. Default is true.
+- **metastore.metadata.use_schema**
+Enables schema usage, stored to the Metastore. Default is `true`.
+- **metastore.metadata.use_statistics**
+Enables statistics usage, stored in the Metastore, at the planning stage. 
Default is `true`.
 Review comment:
   (How does this option relate to the planner option above? Must I enable 
both? Why would I disable one or the other?
   I wonder, should this stuff be in an appendix somewhere and not here? As a 
(somewhat informed) reader, I find myself becoming more and more confused about 
how this stuff even works! Maybe only list the key things here: options that 
represent knobs that the user might actually want to twiddle.)

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