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On Wed, Mar 14, 2018 at 10:39 AM, Justin Mclean
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> Hi,
>>> Are you looking to continue to use github as the primary repository
>>> location, or switch to our internal git? I'd recommend github since you're
>>> already there.
>> +1 stick to github, just transfer to github/apache after the IP Clearance 
>> sort of things
> With my mentors hat on I think it would be better to transfer the code to the 
> ASF repos and work on it there. The IP clearance only really needs to be 
> sorted out before graduation.

There was some misunderstanding in the incubating process. I thought
the IP clearance must be done before moving to ASF repo. So did some
of the committers.

Now that you've pointed out, I think we should move the repo as soon
as possible.

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> Justin

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