Hi all,

first off all I would like to thank the existing PPMC for the honor of joining 
the team. Your invitation makes me very happy.

I do have great plans for using Edgent together as part of my efforts in 
creating an open-source SCADA system. Being able to contribute directly is a 
great benefit … a benefit for both sides, I hope :-)

Being able to use Edgent inside Maven, is a first, but big step for me. I guess 
we have to take another few steps, but as they say, every journey starts with a 
first step.

So let’s change the industry together. 

Looking forward to working with you guys ;-)


Am 08.08.17, 17:35 schrieb "Dale LaBossiere" <dlab...@apache.org>:

    Please welcome Chris as the newest member of the Edgent PPMC and committers 
    As you’ve probably noticed Chris has been very active driving the 
restructuring of the Edgent build/release tooling.
    Edgent application developer benefits are:
    - simplify consumption of Edgent as a result of releasing Edgent jars in 
maven central
    - improvements for consumption of the Edgent samples
    Edgent runtime development benefits are:
    - commonality with other project’s use of maven for build/release tooling 
and release management process
    We’re not there yet but we continue to make progress and work through the 
    — Dale

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