I only noticed now that according to the RFC, DTOs cannot contain methods. I 
can understand why this is so, and I do not object.

However, I have found a very practical design pattern whereby I use classes 
that act both as DTOs and domain value objects. In effect, this means that they 
are DTOs with methods. I am willing to pay the price of having “bloated” DTOs 
for this convenience.

Would there be any way to allow configuration to permit this?

If that is out of the question then any suggestions as to what I could do so as 
to not have to have “duplicate” classes (DTOs and domain VOs)?


Domain object API

public interface SomeObject {
   String foo();
   String bar();
   String calculateFoobar();


public class SomeObjectDTO extends DTO implements SomeObject {
    public String foo;
    public String bar;

    public SomeObjectDTO() {}

    public SomeObjectDTO( String aFoo, String aBar ) {
        foo = aFoo; bar = aBar;

    @Override public String foo() { return foo; }
    @Override public String bar() { return bar; }
    @Override public String calculateFoobar() { return foo + “:” + bar; }

I like the above because:
 * No duplication
 * As a DTO, can be sent over the wire and serialised
 * Implements the domain API


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