Clearly, this will only be of interest to a very small number of people, but that's probably also true of the resolver API in general.

Regardless, the patch itself seems reasonably harmless, so I don't have any technical issues with it as an implementation detail. In general, though, we try to shy away from creating special Felix API, so I wouldn't want to create a trend...

Of course, Tom is much more involved in resolver maintenance these days, so I'd prefer his explicit signoff if possible.

-> richard

On 2/23/18 10:16 , Raymond Auge wrote:
Hello All,

I'd like to get some feedback particularly from Richard Hall, Thomas Watson
and/or Karl Pauls regarding the change described in

Is there any reason I cannot merge this change? I'd like to get this in and
call a vote for a release of the resolver next week so we can apply it to
bnd. I'll take no feedback as not having issues if that's ok :)


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