Hello community,

I wanted to formally introduce you to a Mifos Initiative volunteer, Swati
Ramesh, who is going be helping document some of the community's needs and
requirements related to business intelligence so we can help guide these
into part of the roadmap for Fineract CN. Some of the requirements she
documents will hopefully also be actionable for implementation on Apache
Fineract 1.x

Send along your reporting & business intelligence wishlist to this email
thread. She'd love to set up some phone calls with anybody that would like
to share what they'd like to see related to:

* Consolidated Reporting Dashboards
* Ad-Hoc Reporting (or could speak to Aditya on this)
* Data Warehouse Requirements
* Client Impact Portal & SPM Reporting
* Dashboards and Visualizations in Web & Mobile Apps (both staff and

The dashboards is one area where Swati is especially keen on picking up

Here's a bit more on Swati (
https://www.linkedin.com/in/swathi-ramesh-48b72611b) that she wanted to

"I am Swati, a new member of Mifos and Apache Fineract Communities. I am
from Bangalore, India and now live in San Jose. My undergrad was in
Computer Science and I recently graduated with a Masters in Engineering
Management from San Jose State University. I am a budding Product Manager
with prior experience in Business Intelligence domain. I look forward to
working with Mifos and contribute towards ad-hoc reporting and analytics



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