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> Hello community,
> I wanted to formally introduce you to a Mifos Initiative volunteer, Swati
> Ramesh, who is going be helping document some of the community's needs and
> requirements related to business intelligence so we can help guide these
> into part of the roadmap for Fineract CN. Some of the requirements she
> documents will hopefully also be actionable for implementation on Apache
> Fineract 1.x
> Send along your reporting & business intelligence wishlist to this email
> thread. She'd love to set up some phone calls with anybody that would like
> to share what they'd like to see related to:
> * Consolidated Reporting Dashboards
> * Ad-Hoc Reporting (or could speak to Aditya on this)
> * Data Warehouse Requirements
> * Client Impact Portal & SPM Reporting
> * Dashboards and Visualizations in Web & Mobile Apps (both staff and
> client-facing)
> The dashboards is one area where Swati is especially keen on picking up
> first.
> Here's a bit more on Swati (
> swathi-ramesh-48b72611b) that she wanted to share:
> "I am Swati, a new member of Mifos and Apache Fineract Communities. I am
> from Bangalore, India and now live in San Jose. My undergrad was in
> Computer Science and I recently graduated with a Masters in Engineering
> Management from San Jose State University. I am a budding Product Manager
> with prior experience in Business Intelligence domain. I look forward to
> working with Mifos and contribute towards ad-hoc reporting and analytics
> projects!"
> Cheers,
> Ed

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