So, Ed brings the gasoline, Myrle throws the match.  You guys are quite a
wrecking crew (that is a compliment in engineering speak).  +1

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On Wed, Apr 4, 2018 at 12:45 PM, Myrle Krantz <> wrote:

> Hey all,
> Summary: Burn it down.  Burn it *all* down.
> Details:
> mifosio has become a metaphorical "attractive nuisance" (1).  Some of
> the repositories there have over 40 forks.  Some people have made
> issue reports or pull requests against those repositories which should
> have been made against Fineract CN.
> I've taken one last stroll thru those repos in which I did the following:
> A.) Checked that the latest changeset is in the corresponding apache
> repository.
> B.) Checked that all of the data from the wiki is in the apache confluence.
> C.) Checked there are no outstanding PRs -- if they are merge them over.
> D.) Checked there are no outstanding issues -- if they are close them
> and request the user to create new issues in the apache Jira.
> I had already done A and B, but I obviously missed some, so it was
> worthwhile to go through it again.
> The cases in which I had to cleanup were:
> * demo-server:
>    - copied over liseri's changes
>    - commented on open ticket (I didn't have the necessary rights in
> that case to close the ticket) to direct the github user to apache
> ticketing and apache mailing lists.
> * command
>   - pulled in 2 missing changesets from before the move (total 8
> lines, so no biggy)
> * default-setup
>   - merged 1 PR to fineract-cn-default-setup (A 1 liner so not a big
> deal.).  The PR's still open on mifosio because I don't have
> privileges in that project.
> * identity
>   - closed an old issue.
> * portfolio
>   - closed 3 old issues.
> The only repositories that I didn't check were the three integration
> test repositories.  These are all fairly out-of-date, and mostly just
> duplicate things that are already found in the demo-server.  Some of
> them don't even compile in their current form.  I recommend deleting
> these without replacement.
> Ed: I believe you are the only one who can delete these repositories.
> If you would do so quickly, you would save me having to spend *hours*
> going through these repositories carefully again.  Because these are
> public repositories, the 40 plus forks will continue to exist, so you
> aren't risking anyone's work.  And for just in case, I did take a
> 'snapshot' under a user named mifosio-04-04-2018, so we won't lose
> anything.
> If you can't do this today or tomorrow, Ed, please give me the
> necessary privileges in mifosio to do it myself.  My github account is
> myrle-krantz.
> Best Regards,
> Myrle
> 1.)

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