Hey all,

Summary: Burn it down.  Burn it *all* down.


mifosio has become a metaphorical "attractive nuisance" (1).  Some of
the repositories there have over 40 forks.  Some people have made
issue reports or pull requests against those repositories which should
have been made against Fineract CN.

I've taken one last stroll thru those repos in which I did the following:
A.) Checked that the latest changeset is in the corresponding apache repository.
B.) Checked that all of the data from the wiki is in the apache confluence.
C.) Checked there are no outstanding PRs -- if they are merge them over.
D.) Checked there are no outstanding issues -- if they are close them
and request the user to create new issues in the apache Jira.

I had already done A and B, but I obviously missed some, so it was
worthwhile to go through it again.

The cases in which I had to cleanup were:
* demo-server:
   - copied over liseri's changes
   - commented on open ticket (I didn't have the necessary rights in
that case to close the ticket) to direct the github user to apache
ticketing and apache mailing lists.
* command
  - pulled in 2 missing changesets from before the move (total 8
lines, so no biggy)
* default-setup
  - merged 1 PR to fineract-cn-default-setup (A 1 liner so not a big
deal.).  The PR's still open on mifosio because I don't have
privileges in that project.
* identity
  - closed an old issue.
* portfolio
  - closed 3 old issues.

The only repositories that I didn't check were the three integration
test repositories.  These are all fairly out-of-date, and mostly just
duplicate things that are already found in the demo-server.  Some of
them don't even compile in their current form.  I recommend deleting
these without replacement.

Ed: I believe you are the only one who can delete these repositories.
If you would do so quickly, you would save me having to spend *hours*
going through these repositories carefully again.  Because these are
public repositories, the 40 plus forks will continue to exist, so you
aren't risking anyone's work.  And for just in case, I did take a
'snapshot' under a user named mifosio-04-04-2018, so we won't lose

If you can't do this today or tomorrow, Ed, please give me the
necessary privileges in mifosio to do it myself.  My github account is

Best Regards,

1.) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Attractive_nuisance_doctrine

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