Dear Dev Community,

This is my first post to this list and I apologize if the content of this 
message is not appropriate.

I am from Nepal and here the official Calendar System in widespread use is 
still exclusively a Hindu calendar system called Vikram Samvat. I am trying to 
get Mifos to be usable in Nepal and this is one of the major hurdle that is 
impeding adoption.

I am trying to determine what kind of Calendar Date/Time architecture/module 
Mifos X has so as to localize this aspect of the software faithfully and 
seamlessly; Whether the module is pluggable so that we could just plug in 
Vikram Samvat based calendar system(if it exists) or any other Calendar system, 
and we would be good to go.

Determining or making the architecture pluggable and having a slot to 
accommodate different kinds of Calendar/Date/Time system may only be one of a 
few related problems in this problem set. On the other side, I am not even sure 
if Nepal has a reliable computational Calendar library to plugin for Vikram 

I know there exists an approach that some local developers have been using to 
address Calendar solutions for Vikram Samvat. From what I know these systems 
are made not with pure algorithmic approach(thus scalable into the future) but 
by using pre-calculated data set of dates. These set of dates range between 
arbitrary(?) past and future dates. The authority that publishes the pre 
calculated dates and the legitimacy of their calculations may also be 
questionable. I have done some research on this and I will share more of my 
findings soon.

I would really appreciate any help localizing Mifos X in this manner. It would 
be a huge win for Nepali adoption of Mifos X. I will assist in any ways I can, 
so please ask questions, share your insights and discuss.

Thank You immensely for all your hard work. You all are all simply amazing.



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