Hello all,

I am experiencing exactly the same error as mentioned in this thread and would 
like to seek your help. If there was a solution, could you please share with us?

We have a pentaho report (prpt) querying against Microsoft Azure SQL Database 
and it runs well independently. We are trying to place this report in Mifos as 
a Custom Report in a multi-tenant environment.
By having this report in Mifos, our end users can perform all their functions 
within Mifos (though this custom report does not rely on Mifos data from mysql).


*         Mifos is installed on Ubuntu on Amazon EC2

What was done so far:

1.       Put three parameters (tenantURL, user and password) in Pentaho report 
as mentioned in this 

2.       Global script doesn't seem to be relevant as the report isn't querying 
mysql. But I put it there and tweaked a bit but no luck.

3.       Placed this prpt (Pentaho Report) in ./root/.mifosx/pentahoReports 
(along with other out-of-the-box prpts) and set the same permission settings as 
other prpts.

4.       Update the security in Azure to allow connection from this server.

5.       Placed Microsoft odbc jar in tomcat folders


6.       Restarted tomcat7

7.       Created new parameters in stretchy_parameters table 
(mifostenant-default schema).

8.       In Mifos, created a new report with the newly created parameters. 
Verified that they are properly associated in stretchy_report_parameters.

The result:
The report shows up in the report drop down but nothing rendered. When 
reviewing the debug log, it's calling fineract api and receiving 403 (unable to 
parse the document).
What I have tried:

1.       I used a separate sql tool to connect to Azure to ensure Mifos server 
can connect to SQL server. It worked. Not firewall or connection issue.

2.       I am suspecting the global script - I tried with it, without it, with 
just the declaration part but same error.

3.       In Azure MSSQL server, I am logging every query and the search doesn't 
seem to reach there.

4.       Checked the logs (fineract, catalina, etc,), only INFO about the 
service calls but no ERROR or WARN.

Any help would be highly appreciated.


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