Hi Folks,

I’d like to welcome discussion about deprecating and removing old UserALE 
projects from our Apache Flagon parent project, which are not currently 
maintained. These include:

1. UserALE v3 - Rationale: predecessor of UserALE.js. This conformed more of js 
block-level implementation of UserALE as an API. UserALE.js was designed for 
script tag deployment removing the need for block style embeddings. Some time 
ago we reintroduced the ability to modify logs and customize those at the 
block-level. In other words, this version of UserALE is completely irrelevant.

2. UserALE.pyqt5 - Rationale: presently unsupported and unmaintained. Likely 

Please feel free to DISCUSS - raise any concerns, questions, or the like. 
Discussion will be open for 72 hours, at which time I will call a VOTE. As this 
is not a release VOTE.

Thanks and more to come!


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