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>maybe pack the js need some option.it is the diff of mxmlc use and my
>java -jar %FLEX_HOME%\js\lib\google\closure-compiler\compiler.jar --js
>bin\js-swc --js
>--js %FLEX_HOME%\js\lib\google\closure-library\closure\goog\base.js
>--compilation_level SIMPLE_OPTIMIZATIONS --js_output_file
>but i can not get the option,i have look at the flexjs code
>JSClosureCompilerWrapper.java and MXMLFlexJSPublisher.java.
>but i can not debug it,and get the full string.
>can you give me the closure-compiler "full string" of this mxmlc
>set ARGS=-remove-circulars -js-compiler-option="--compilation_level
>start %FLEX_HOME%/js/bin/mxmlc %ARGS%
>-compiler.source-path=../src src/%main%.as -define=CONFIG::as_only,false

I think it would pretty much be what you have.  I think you might get the
JSCompiler output when you use SIMPLE_OPTIMIZATIONS.  Remove-circulars is
a feature of the FalconJX compiler, not the GCC compiler.

The difference between MXMLC and COMPC is that MXMLC is trying to take the
one main file you give it, chase all dependencies, and build an
application with an entry point.  COMPC is just trying to build a SWC of
pre-compiled and un-optimized code.


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