You might have noticed a big number of tiny commits to a file called 
"Jenkinsfile" in the flex-compiler repo. This is a config File for the Jenkins 
Pipeline Plugin, which is available since the ASF recently updated their 
Jenkins version to a newer version.

This file contains a groovy based description of how a build of 
compiler+typedefs+framework should be performed on a Jenkins instance. On 
Jenkins I have setup a "Multibranch Pipeline Build" job "FlexJS Pipeline Test" 

This type of job automatically scans a repository for branches and 
automatically sets up build jobs for each of these. Currently I configured it 
to only do this for "develop", but we could extend it to feature/*, release/* 
or eventually something like this: "autobuild/*"

The cool thing with this would be, that if I am working on a new feature, all I 
have to do is create a branch matching that pattern in flexjs-compiler, 
flexjs-typedefs AND flexjs-framework and the ASF Jenkins would automatically 
setup a build for that and I get all the quality assurance on my branch for 

The current version of the Jenkinsbuild is an initial version I setup doing my 
first steps with the Pipeline plugin. I bet there is great room for 
improvement. I am currently thinking of adding Jenkinsfiles to the typedefs and 
framework repos and setting up "Multibranch Pipeline Build" jobs for each of 
these, so if you are only working on a feature-branch in framework, it would 
only create jobs for framework, but if you work on the compiler it would 
process the full stack.

My end-goal would be to be able to auto-check pull-requests, but I guess I need 
eat quite a lot of spoons of Pipeline mojo before being able to do that ;-)

What do you think?

I like it.



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