On 9/22/16, 11:41 AM, "PKumar" <prashaku...@gmail.com> wrote:

>Great News Alex,  now FlexJS will be backward-compatible and great
>in converting existing Flex application to FlexJS.

Hi Prashant.

To be clear, FlexJS may not ever be fully backward-compatible.  FlexJS is
relatively backward-compatible today because you can use most of your AS
business logic in converting your Flex app to FlexJS.  I hope to see Harbs
and Yishay prove that soon.  And FlexJS will only become more
backward-compatible with Flex if community members like yourself help
complete the port.

There are too many things that need to be done and not enough volunteers.
I am choosing to work on non-port stuff that I think will have a bigger
impact for my time since I think there are folks in the community who
could work on the port.


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